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Maryland Bartending License


Our program includes the required Maryland Bartending License. It is included in the price. This license/certificate is not only good for Maryland, it is accepted and widely used in Washington DC and around the nation. It is a national program that satisfies employers and state alcohol server laws nationwide. Very important!! It assists in helping grads land bartending work. Employers value this program and others like it.
Our team has provided this training to the largest club in DC, the largest caterer in the Maryland/DC/VA region, hotels and restaurants. Its valuable, widely used, and for all students included in the price of our program. Ask our staff about this.

You won’t only get the “standard” type of training, but our experienced instructors provide intimate hands on experience on how this training is used in real situations. Whether its clubs, parties, catering or hotels you will receive in depth discussions on how this program and how alcohol server programs have proved to be extremely valuable to establishments and customers for over 30 years. At no extra cost with our hands on bartending training its simply invaluable.

Will I get a bartending license and certification if I graduate from Maryland Bartending School in College Park? Will it help me land a bartending job?

The answer is YES. Maryland Bartending School in College Park is both a continuing operation from a bartending school that was certified in Maryland for 9 years providing training, bartending placement assistance, and certification as overseen by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC). MHEC has approved and certified an all new modern tested curriculum that has enabled thousands of students to be certified and land jobs both region wide, throughout Maryland, in DC, and beyond stretching nationwide.

Additionally we can provide a second form of national certification covering Alcohol Management. The additional program is well used throughout Maryland and is approved in states across the nation. Ask us about this additional certification, TAM®. Our staff has provided TAM® training to thousands of students.

When you graduate from Maryland Bartending School, you have:

  1. The knowledge and skills to be a first-class bartender
  2. The training you need to conquer job interviews
  3. The certifications that will make you the candidate of choice for bartending jobs

Contact us to schedule a free class today, and you’ll be able to speak with students and instructors. They can tell you how valuable certification is in the bartending industry.