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Is There a Maryland Bartending License


Is there a Maryland Bartending License? The official answer is No. The term Bartending License or Maryland Bartending License is used by many people. Officially there is no such thing.


Yet employers value this program and others like it. Employers have said they value the fact that a student has invested in themselves. That shows initiative. It also provides you with the skills to work in a busy bar, and provides you with a job placement assistance program with leads from around the region from employers that contact us.

You won’t only get the “standard” type of training, but our experienced instructors provide intimate hands-on experience on how this training is used in real situations. Whether it’s clubs, parties, bars, restaurants, catering or hotels you will receive in depth discussions on how this program has proved to be extremely valuable to establishments and customers for a very long time.

Will I get a Certificate of Completion if I graduate from Maryland Bartending School in College Park? Will it help me land a bartending job?

The answer is YES. Maryland Bartending School in College Park is the continuing operation of a bartending school that held a Certificate of Approval to operate in Maryland by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) for 9 years. In 2016 the school was taken over by new ownership and an updated curriculum, approved by an industry expert working with the Maryland Higher Education Commission, was implemented. The new ownership has over 50 years of experience in providing training and bartending placement assistance throughout Maryland, DC, and Virginia. We have no doubt that this experience, the strong employer contact base and the improved curriculum will assist graduates to land jobs region-wide as well as nationwide.

When you graduate from Maryland Bartending School, you have:

  1. The knowledge and skills to be a first-class bartender
  2. The training you need to conquer job interviews
  3. The documents that will make you the candidate of choice for bartending jobs

Contact us to schedule a free class today, and you’ll be able to speak with students and instructors. They can tell you how valuable our training is in the bartending industry. Call (301) 220-0055