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Take A Free Bartending Class!


You can schedule a time to go to the Maryland Bartending School and sit in on one class. It’s free. It’s really an opportunity for you to decide if bartending school and possibly bartending work are for you. It’s an introductory session. It is not the program. But it is a terrific way to actually see what goes on in our hands on program.

You will see the training by our experienced instructors. You will watch how students learn the recipes and the nature of the cocktails, and then how they practice to make them, and improve their efficiency. We might get you behind the bar. You will have an introductory feel for exactly how the school works. You can speak to students and staff to assess the teaching, practice and effectiveness for yourself. After you have sat in on the session you are then free to make up your own mind if bartending school and bartending are for you. This visit is a lot like test driving a car before you purchase. You get a feel for exactly how it works. But remember the entire program is not free and this is just a visit.

It’s an entirely FREE VISIT. You can meet the staff, speak with students, ask questions, and review the materials.

The class operates exactly like a real bar. Music blares while students build their skills to become proficient skilled bartenders.

Bartending school is the way thousands of potential students have decided to pursue this skill and land work. Our team of experienced bartenders, instructors and bartending school operators can help you get there. Call us at (301) 220-0055. Arrange a visit. Bring questions and a smile. It’s a lot of fun