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Maryland Bartending School
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What We Teach

What we teach at bartending school

Most importantly, Maryland Bartending School teaches everything you need to know to get a job as a skilled bartender at lounges, nightclubs, restaurants, resorts, cruise ships, hotels, country clubs, or local neighborhood taverns and pubs. Bar and lounge owners always need qualified bartenders with a strong knowledge of mixology combined with the skills to keep customers happy and maximize sales.

We also teach you what you need to know earn more bartending tips, and land the best bartending jobs in the area. And we don’t stop at merely teaching – we work hard to make sure our students find bartending jobs!

Our placement services are a huge part of what we do – and we do it all for you – for your lifetime!

That’s right, not only will you learn from PRO bartending instructors, but we’ll do all we can to place you in the best bartendings gigs, for as long as you are looking for work. Now, 5 years from now, heck, even 20 years from now. Our graduates can always count on us to help them find good work as a bartender. Now THAT goes far beyond other schools!

Skills You’ll Learn From Maryland Bartending School in JUST TWO WEEKS!

  • How to mix the “classic” drinks and many other favorites
  • How to mix the current popular drinks
  • Free pour vs. Shot pour
  • Types of glassware
  • Bar setup and instruction on all the bartending tools you’ll need to know how to use
  • Customer psychology skills
  • How to effectively upsell
  • How to nail bartending gig interviews
  • Health and legal issues
  • History and types of liquors
  • How to handle money accurately and quickly
  • Organizing your bar station
  • Garnish prep and use
  • and much, much more

Equipment You’ll Learn To Use

  • Speedracks
  • Ice Machines
  • Soda guns
  • Working Sinks
  • C02 tanks
  • Sound System
  • Simulated Bar Lighting
  • Flat Screen TV

Basically, our classrooms are simulated bars, with nearly all of the features of your local pub*. You’ll have HANDS-ON TRAINING in every aspect of bartending, making you ready to make good money at any bar or lounge.

*Our simulated bars are missing a few things – like real alcohol and crowds of people. But we simulate those by using colored water and a lively crowd of students and instructors. We even use tip jars filled with monopoly money!